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What You Need to Know About Home Insurance Before a Hurricane

Apr 8, 2022

Dobbins Claim Consultants Featured in the News: Essential Home Insurance Tips Before a Hurricane

Jeff Dobbins' Expert Advice

We are excited to share that our very own Jeff Dobbins from Dobbins Claim Consultants was recently featured in a WPTV news segment addressing home insurance concerns as Florida braces for a potential hurricane.

In the segment, Jeff Dobbins lends his expertise, emphasizing the importance of homeowners taking proactive steps before a storm hits. "Take pictures of everything around your house, even inside your house," Dobbins advised. His invaluable insights are a testament to the vast experience and depth of knowledge that he brings to the field.

A Real-Life Example: The Challenge of Finding Coverage

Navigating the complexities of homeowners insurance, especially amidst impending natural disasters, can be overwhelming. Jeff Dobbins’ real-life example of struggling to find coverage for his own 25-year-old roof illuminates the challenges faced by many Floridians. However, Dobbins’ eventual success in securing a policy through the state-run Citizens Property Insurance Corporation serves as a beacon of hope.

The Broader State of the Insurance Market

The news segment also highlights the broader state of the insurance market in Florida, with potential ramifications of a significant storm on the industry's dynamics. Michael Barry of the Insurance Information Institute sheds light on the challenges faced by homeowners and the insurance companies alike.

Be Prepared and Stay Informed

In these uncertain times, being well-informed and prepared is crucial. The featured news piece underscores the value of working with experienced professionals like Dobbins Claim Consultants. We are not just here to guide you through post-disaster claims but also to arm you with the necessary knowledge to take preemptive actions that can make a world of difference.

Catch the full WPTV segment here and empower yourself with the expert advice from industry veterans.